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Biotin for Skin Benefits

The Biotin vitamin is mainly known for its contributions to increased hair growth and strength. However, the vitamin also offers so many more skin benefits to its user. Biotin increases the effectiveness and growth of bone marrow, tissue development, and helps convert sugars and carbohydrates into energy for our body. It also helps combat dry skin and facial rashes.

When Biotin deficiency was being researched, scientists noted that among the initial symptoms of hair loss, subjects also had dry, itchy skin and some even had rashes and lesions. As patients were treated with the Biotin vitamin, not only did their hair become fuller and grow faster, but their rashes and dry skin improved as well.

Keep in mind that healthy skin requires more than just the Biotin vitamin to see results. A low-fat, balanced diet, along with exercise and a good skin care regimen will help you to have healthy, flawless skin.

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